International Student Blogging Challenge- Week 1!

Hey Kiddos, it’s week one of the Student and Class Blogging Challenge!  Click here to read all about it!  I am so excited to join with so many other classes!  Here is Challenge #1:

If you could meet 10 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include at least one question you would ask each person in an interview. You cannot repeat the same question.

Once you are done with your challenge for this week, click here–> to see the list and get links to all of the other classes who are participating!  Click on some of the classes blogs to read their answers to this week’s challenge.  You can even comment on their blogs! And remember, some of them may be coming to OUR blog to read YOUR responses, so take some extra time to make your answer your BEST!

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  1. Chuck Norris, how was life in the military. Dr. Luther King, what were some reasons you wanted to end segregation. Thomas Edison, what inspired you to create the light bulb. Leonardo De Vinci, why did you decide to become an artist. George Washington, why did you dislike the king. Abraham Lincoln, why did you hide papers under your hat. Johnny Depp, how did you like playing Captain Jack Sparrow. Rosa Parks, why did you stay in the seat on the bus. Stevie Young, what made you join rock music. Calvin Johnson, how do you catch the ball so well.

  2. Harry Stlyes How did you think of the name one direction? Zayn malik what inspired you to get your hair do? Nial Horan How come you don’t like your teeth? Liam Payne did you really get bullied a lot? Louis Tomlinson when did you start to become a fan of Superman? Simon Cowel How do you think One Direction did on X Factor? Michal Jordan how do you perfect all your shots? Rajon Rondo how do you think your team is doing without you? Adele Who did you look up to as a kid? Justin Bieber What is your favorite song out of all your songs?

  3. Colin kaepernick what other positon would you play besides quarterback. Lebron James how old was he when he could dunk the ball and make it. Channing Tatum do you want a baby girl or a baby boy. Abe lincoln why did you wear a tall hat. Carrie Underwood why do you wear half gloves. Obama why dont teachers get paid enough. Hitler is that your real mustache. Napoleon dynomite did padro win. Grandma dot what was your favorite color. Grandpa jim why did you name your son the same name you had.

  4. I would want to meet Saleena Gomez. Her question would be do you like rock? Why or why not? Justin Beber, why did you get a new hair style? Michale Jackson, why did you never cut your hair short? Taylor Swith, why in most photos of you you have red lipstick on? Zain Malik,are you Mexican? Carrie Underwood, how many songs have you wrote? Leandro DiCaprio, is drawing a hobbie to you? Sylvester Stallone, why do you look different in every picture I see you in? Vitaly Klitscho, how many games have you won? Hunter Hayes, do you have a step mom?

  5. Anna Kendrick. Did you like acting in Twilight or Pitch Perfect better? Harry Styles. I know your favorite food is tacos, but do you like hard shell or soft shell? Micheal Phelps. How do you swim so long and far without passing out? Miss. Carlson. Who is your favorite in the class? 🙂 Elvis Presley. What do you use to get your hair so awesome and shiny? Spongebob. Do you eat something to get your voice really annoying? Mom. Do I have to clean my room tonight? Inventor of Bacon. What made you decide to make an amazing, delicios, awesome, incredible food like BACON? Mr. Sketch, scented marker guy. What do you put in those awesome markers? Frankenstein. Do your arms get tired holding them out forever?

  6. Taylor Swift : how old were you when you first learned to play the guitar? Hunter Hayes : how old were you when you sold your first song? Scotty Mccreery : were you shocked when you won American Idol? Carrie Underwood : are you one of the most famous country singers? Anna Kendrick : did you love acting on pitch perfect? Robert Patterson : did it take a long time for hair and make up to make you look like a vampire? Misty May Trainer : what got you interested in volleyball? Austin Pettis : do you miss playing for Boise State? Kellen Moore : was it fun playing football with your brother? Shemar Moor : do you like acting on Criminal Minds?

  7. If I could ask 10 people 10 questions I would pick these: (Alec Baldwin) Dude what is up with your hair?, (Charlie Sheen) Did your father and mother have an effect on your acting career?, (Lance Armstrong) Did you really take steroids?, (Nicki Minaj) Did Lady Gaga inspire you to go crazy too?, (Julie Andrews) Did you like acting in the movie The Sound Of Music?, (J.K. Rowling) Were you really on welfare before you wrote the first Harry Potter book?, (Steve Jobs) what inspired you to make a touchscreen phone?, (Oprah) What inspired you to be so willing to help others?, (Helen Keller) were you excited when you got the Presidential freedom medal?, (Albert Einstein) Did you have one teacher in particular that was your favorite? There you have it.

  8. G’day students,

    What great questions and such a variety of people chosen to interview. Remember there are other challenges for this week including avatars and adding widgets to the class or student sidebars.

  9. Wonder women. Have you ever been alergic to ice cream?Superman have u ever ran into a bulding?Ice cream man has your ice cream ever mealted all at the same time?Zombie how fast can you run?Greg heffley why are you so pale?The pricelble is is it fun to be a princble?Bary Sanders did you ever run into a wall?Football coach is it hard being a coach?

  10. If i could meet 10 people dead or alive i would meet: Taylor Swift, Why did you break up with Harry Styles? Zayn Mailk, Are you going to get married? Liam Payne, Why did you cut your hair short? Justin Beiber, Did you like doing a duet with Usher? Katy Perry, Did you like how your movie went? Usher, What is your favorite song out of your songs? Hunter Hayes, Do you like singing country songs? Harry Styles, what is your favorite song on take me home? Carrie Underwood, What is your favorite song of all time? Kelly Clarkson, Do you like country or pop songs better?

  11. Jeff Dunham: How are the puppets doing? Super Man: how dose it feel to fly? Boo The Dog: Why were you born so cute? Julia Roberts: How did you like acting in the movie “Stepmother”? Patrick: Why are you so dumb? Harry Styles: How do you get your hair to stay like that? Zayn Malik: Why do you sing all the chouses for all the songs? Taylor Latner: How do you get your abs so perfect? Nikki Manja: Why do you dye your hair so much? Aslan: How did you become king of Narina?

  12. If I could meet anyone dead or alive I would meet fin, from adventure and ask him if he had ever cut his hair. And i would try to meet FAT AMY, and ask what she looked like when she was in the 5th grade. i would also try to meet Nicki Minaj and ask her to gve me a hug. And iI would also try to meet Drake, and ask him to give me one of his albums. And also try to meet MOBY DICK, and try to swim with him. And most of all try to meet my whole family, and tell them instead of a question I would tell them to take care of me.

  13. Jerry Rice: I would ask if it was hard to be in the NFL? Walter Payton: What did you want to achieve when you first came to the NFL? Deion sanders: Did you think you would be in the HALL of FAME? Super Man: would you have ever thought you would become a well known hero? Adolf Hitler: Why did you want to rule so many people? Tiger Woods; how did you get so much money? Hsian bolt: Did you run a lot when you were a kid? Andre Silva: How do you kick so hard? Reggie Bush: What team did you want to play for when you were in college? Frank Gore: What was your favorite team when you were a kid?

  14. John Wayne – Which was your favorite movie to make, War Wagon or El Dorado?
    Si Robertson – How many bacon wrapped doughnuts can you eat in under 4 minutes?
    Johnny Depp – Did you name your horse Scout?
    Willy (Duck Dynasty) Does Jase make you angry a lot?
    Pork Chop (Ice Road Truckers) How many times have you driven in the ditch and if you had a dog, what would you name it; Grizzly or Porky?
    Johnny Appleseed – How many animals friends do you have?
    Lewis & Clark – Was your trip fun with Seaman or not?
    Sacajawea – What did you do when you saw your brothers.
    Burt Reynolds – (Smoky & the Bandit) Was it fun when you were with Smoky and his bloodhound?
    Tom (Mountain Men) – When you lived in the mountains did you meet any Indians?
    Shawnee Indians – How many horses did it take to bring back 4 buffalo’s?

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